At make. art studio we are in the business of MAKING art and INSPIRING creativity.
Creativity is the ability to MAKE or THINK or SEE or HEAR something that did not exist before.



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MAKE ART STUDIO is all about making things. We make art, we make believe, and we aim to make memories that’ll put a smile on our faces for years to come…because life is too short to spare even a moment on the mundane.

Here at MAKE we hope to inspire creativity in children and revive it in adults. We have a cozy, inviting studio with a beautiful work space in our new, bigger, brighter more open studio located in downtown Historic Ypsilanti. We understand that not every person likes to do oil paintings of fruit (it’s okay; we don’t either) so our focus is to offer a unique alternative for our guests.

For the mini makers we offer natural play groups and explorative maker/art classes which both emphasize imagination, exploration, and self-expression.  Our upcoming summer 2016 adult classes include interesting skill-building workshops as well as relaxing weekly craft nights which feature fun DIY projects.