Make & Take
11:30 am to 1:30 pm every Saturday

Creative thinking is the number one element our children’s busy lives are missing.  Join us Saturday mornings for a boost of open ended imaginative creative art projects presented each week.  Each class has a theme, however we indulge many ideas and mini projects as we go…  We make everything from fine art to miniature diorama worlds in boxes, to mixed media paintings, to handmade computers to customized robots that children conceptualize with fervor.

MAKE art studio classes are offered in 5 class packages.  Feel free to schedule your 5 Saturday or Sunday classes ahead or drop in each week.
$200 for five 2 hour classes includes all supplies and materials
email to sign up or private message us on facebook @makeartstudioa2


We at MAKE know for a fact that students learn through making. It is truly amazing to watch students try an option, realize what could work better and troubleshoot to make an even better choice for any project.

Project management, time to ponder and more are offered and encouraged in every class. Each class starts with clay play, then discussion, then ideas, then projects that can be worked on together or separately. Students thrive with the opportunities to MAKE art that they are inspired with. It’s a magical process that any parent is welcome to observe.



MAKE UP stuff class
4 pm to 6 pm every  Sunday

Sunday afternoons are a great time to relax listen to some good music in our enchanting new space while utilizing our imaginations to make collections of art/sculptures each week and then MAKE UP ideas, thoughts, and stories about our work.  This mindful approach to working the creative muscle to come up with new idea’s and spark imagination while making is our number one goal at MAKE art studio.